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FBTD - Marvel Universe

FBTD – Marvel Universe

It’s K-Nice vs. K-Whack in this Facebook-update, Iron Man 2-trailer spawned bare-knuckle brawl! With special guest referee – The PoP!ulation’s own Demonweasel!!!

Fanboy Thunderdome - Kevin Smith

Fanboy Thunderdome – Kevin Smith

First shunned by Southwest Airlines, film critics and then by PoP!’s own Jason Knize, Kevin Smith has been taking a beating lately. Now Lee comes to his defense in this highly-anticipated edition of Fanboy Thunderdome.

Fanboy Thunderdome - Transformers

Fanboy Thunderdome – Transformers

Why does the Transformers movie suck so bad? How could it be so badass? Who decided it should be so lame? When did they set the previous benchmark for awesomeness BEFORE this movie blew it away? So yeah, this one is divisive. Check it out.

Fanboy Thunderdome – Secret Warriors and Retcons

Secret Warriors is out and it brings a big revelation with it. What could have possibly stirred the pot enough to bring us our inaugural Fanboy Thunderdome?